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Festivities | Flores and Corvo Islands

Festivities | Flores and Corvo Islands

Flores festivities

The Festival of the Emigrant is celebrated to pay homage to those who left the island looking for a better life, but who come back to their homeland every year.

The popular festivities and the meetings of old friends are the tune played during the month of July. In the previous month, on the 24 June, the locals also celebrate the São João Festival.

The devotion to this patron saint goes back to the time of the settlers who came from the island of Terceira, and it has been kept alive and strong throughout the centuries.

In a similar fashion to the rest of the archipelago, the Holy Ghost Festivals take place from May to September. This cult is especially and colourfully celebrated at Santa Cruz given the arches of flowers that decorate the streets.

Corvo festivities

In spite of only having a handful of inhabitants, the Holy Ghost Festival remains very much alive around the colourful chapel of Vila do Corvo, which dates back to 1871.

On 15 August, there is dancing and religious ceremonies in honour of the Saint Nossa Senhora dos Milagres.

The Festival dos Moinhos(Windmill Festival) is included in these celebrations, and it brings together the local brass band and brass bands from other islands to entertain the population for a couple of days. In September, the festivities celebrating the end of summer also include the dances that are held after the procession in honour ofthe Saint Nossa Senhora do Bom Caminho.

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